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5 Interesting Facts About NFL Teams and Their Social Media Fans

Feb 15, 2013 | by Civilian | Digital Trends

nfl-likes-infographic-2013The NFL season may be over, but fans are still cheering for their teams in the social networking world.  A recent infographic by Social Fresh lists out what NFL teams have the loudest Facebook fans. Being from San Diego, I will be the first to say that it probably isn’t the Chargers. The team that has the loudest fans on Facebook is, of course, the Pittsburg Steelers. If you have ever been to a Steelers bar, you’ll know why. We all know that the Ravens beat out Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers, but don’t worry Mr. Kaepernick, San Francisco won the Social Media bowl with 380,000 more likes.

5 Interesting facts:

  1. 14 of 32 NFL teams have less than 1 million page likes
  2. Five teams created 47% of all posted likes through the season (Steelers, Cowboys, Packers, 49ers and Patriots.)
  3. Most liked team: Dallas Cowboys
  4. Most comments this season: Pittsburgh Steelers
  5. The NFC beats out the AFC in total likes.


Chad Recchia
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