10 Commandments for the New Media Measurement (Part 2)

Jun 4, 2013  |  By James Willians  |  

Last week I brought you Part 1 of Commandments for the New Media Measurements (a summary of  comScore’s “Brave New Digital World”). Now, I bring you Part 2 to keep you informed and ready to move into the future.

6. All media planning and optimization should be based on equivalent metrics.

The primary source of multi-platform planning and analysis should be reach/frequency, GRPs (gross rating points) and TRPs (target rating point). However, additional metrics that provide supportive analysis should be included particularly for digital mediums.

7. Digital measurement should be based on ad effectiveness and not easily measured metrics

CTR (click-through-rate) has been the primary source for determining a successful display ad campaign. The effectiveness of a display campaign strictly by CTR is questionable not accurately reflecting the success of a campaign. More relevant measures of ad effectiveness should be used: ad recall, awareness, purchase intent and actual sales lift.

8. Campaign measurement terms must be consistent

The language of performance metrics must be consistent throughout all levels of stakeholders. A seamless integration of the same terminology will lead to improved efficiency and maximize strategic insight and effectiveness.

9. Real time and predictive analytics

Media analysis has traditionally looked to the past to determine the future. Reviewing past trends and analytics is a valuable resource, however, real time will add element of much needed accuracy. This will improve campaign performance and eliminate advertising waste.

10. Measurement starts globally but should finish locally

Cross-market planning and optimization will benefit from a consistent measurement structure. Consistent measurement structure includes measurement principles, uniformity and an infrastructure in the growing digital ad economy.

With new media consumption on the rise, the 10 principles, potentially commandments, could pave the way for the future of the quickly emerging media market.

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