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1 Key to Getting Results this Bowl Season

Dec 29, 2010 | by Civilian | How To’s

It’s officially Bowl Season – a magical time of year when any college football team worth a grain of salt celebrates with a trip to a neutral location for one last matchup. It’s the final opportunity for the perennial powerhouses to flaunt their might, and for the underdogs to turn heads.

Every team in contention, from Florida International to Oregon, revels in the spotlight of a national television audience once more.

NFL (Not College) Goal PostBut only half of the teams get to polish trophies in the New Year. The other half go home, limping with the moral wounds of a season-ending defeat.

As we pulled for our hometown San Diego State Aztecs, we knew they had the skill to bring home the trophy. And we hoped the coaches put together a solid strategy.

It’s the mix of strategy and skill that makes a winner. Skill ensures that a pass is met by a receiver. Strategy ensures that the team creates a path for the receiver.

The same is true for advertising and marketing. A successful campaign needs the skillful execution (creative) of a sound strategy (planning and placement), along with the watchful stewardship of a dedicated coach (a full-service advertising agency).

Otherwise, the campaign could walk off the field battered, bruised, and ultimately forgotten.

Luckily, there’s one key to remember for your advertising and marketing.

1. Watch the film.

The successful teams know: any improvement in skill, strategy, or stewardship starts with an honest and candid assessment. Watch the film – observe how successful campaigns succeeded and what caused weak ones to crumble. Learning from strengths and weaknesses of the past can show you skill deficits, align your strategies, and provide further guidance in the future.

And if your assessment shows that it’s time to bring in a coach, our record speaks for itself. Contact us anytime.

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