Top 10 Soccer-Related Commercials

Oct 12, 2011  |  By Civilian  |  

In honor of the U.S. Women’s soccer team’s recent success in the World Cup and the Real Madrid vs. CD Guadalajara match in San Diego, AdEase presents, in no particular order, ten great soccer-related commercials.

Nike: Women’s World Cup

This commercial focuses on the 1999 World Cup champion team. Nike was able to tie in humor and inspiration with this spot, as well as this one in the same campaign.

ESPN: This is SportsCenter (Landon Donovan)

All of the “This is SportsCenter” spots are worth watching, but we get a kick out of this spot with the U.S. soccer star.

ESPN: This is SportsCenter (Abby Wambach)

This recent commercial features the star of the women’s World Cup team, Wambach, making fun of the unnecessarily dramatic aspect of the sport.

Pepsi: David Beckham

This ad was made back when Becks was playing with Manchester United, and it puts a funny twist on the famous Coca-Cola “Mean Joe Green” commercial.

Diet Pepsi: David Beckham & Sofia Vergara

Vergara’s reaction to Beckham’s cameo makes this one of our favorite ads of 2011. The social media integration solidifies Pepsi’s fresh and youthful brand image.

Gatorade: Michael vs. Mia

Gatorade’s battle of the sexes video pits two famous athletes against each other in their respective sports, as well as others.

Nike: Write the Future

Nike focuses on the potential for greatness in the sport, using current male soccer stars playing for their countries and Nike athletes from other sports.

Adidas: Impossible is Nothing (Lionel Messi)

Although Messi’s long brown hair and use of a whiteboard may lead you to believe this is a UPS commercial, it is actually one of the more inspirational soccer commercials out there.

Adidas: There From The Start (Shannon MacMillan)

The San Diego native is featured in this humorous, yet inspirational, spot.

Nike: Pressure Makes Us

This commercial ran before and during the recent Women’s World Cup. Although the team took home silver medals, their final versus Japan was marked as ESPN’s highest-rated telecast for both men and women’s soccer.

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