The Royal Baby Has Crowned

Jul 22, 2013  |  By Sherry LeCocq  |  

Well, folks. In case you haven’t heard, Baby Royale has made his grand entrance into the world. News outlets, facebook and Twitter are all buzzing with gossip, speculation, and, in some cases, disdain over the arrival. What will the royal name be?  How is momma Kate doing? Will the Her Royal Highness babysit on the weekends?

In the meantime, it is reported that journalists were struggling to fill air time as they awaited the news of the birth, while the population at large is still finding it extremely difficult to concentrate at work as the announcement hits the online ether and airwaves. The announcement of the Royal Rugrat seems to have completely eclipsed any real events happening anywhere.

As for me, I have the same reaction to the birth of this baby as I do to any of my friends’ who have babies:. “Congratulations! The baby is beautiful. I’ll have a drink or two to celebrate.”

Sherry LeCocq
Public Relations Account Manager
Mood: Baby Fever-ish


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