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Jul 17, 2013  |  By Sarah Michelle Matley  |  

Twinkies are back! Along with all of their delicious, mystery-cream filled friends. I’m fairly certain there are still people in this world who were just now hearing that Hostess was disappearing, but after being off shelves for 7 months, Hostess has launched a comeback. I have a slight suspicion that this might be a strategic ploy to sell the last existing cases of Hostess products (since we all know they never expire). If so, well played Hostess.  If not, I’m not sure what their battle plan was.  Maybe the CFO thought they weren’t going to be able to pull through, but then realized his spreadsheet had a typo and they are actually ok for another few years? Maybe it was all a strategic move to generate a demand for the products by giving the illusion of scarcity? Maybe Americans really can’t live without their ding dongs and ho hos? In any event, I gladly welcome back all of the Hostess products and embrace the #cakeface movement. Even if I did have a brief affair with Little Debbie, I can never forget my first love.

Sarah Matley
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