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Marketing – It’s no Snickerdoodle

October 1, 2009 | by Civilian | Civilian Water Cooler, How To’s

If you’ve ever taken a basic marketing course, you’re probably familiar with the four Ps. You know – the marketing mix: product, pricing, placement, and promotion. When you mix these ingredients well, it’s a recipe for success. But if you get one wrong, it’s like substituting salt for sugar. That’s a recipe for disaster. I…

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Why Good Design makes Good Business Sense

August 25, 2009 | by Civilian | Creative Find

Design is everywhere. It’s built into every product we purchase; every store we visit to purchase these products; the product’s shape, functionality and materials, the packaging, the branding and the advertising. It’s all designed to entice us to purchase one certain product or service over another. We can tell when a product has been well…

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