Pumped Up on Muscle Milk Marketing

Mar 5, 2013  |  By Civilian  |  


One of the perks of working at an agency like AdEase is that we often have visitors that spoil us with the newest gifts and products.  One of our favorite visitors is Muscle Milk who sends a crew out every couple months or so to pay us a visit and educate us on some of their latest products.  This month’s product was the new women’s supplement drink called “Evolve.”


What’s great about Muscle Milk is that they not only have a great integrated campaign, but they take that campaign a step farther by implementing guerilla tactics and creating a face to face brand interaction.  One of their key demographics is the working man/woman since their products can often be used as meal supplements for a busy person constantly on the go.  By providing us, an agency filled with busy working men/women, with this supplement, they are now top of mind anytime we are looking for a quick lunch break in the day.

Having a team create that face to face bond also enhances their brand credibility.  Two enthusiastic individuals come visit us dressed in athletic gear and they know all about the product and the flavors and will often make recommendations to the team based on which flavors they most enjoy.  It pulls you away from the salesman approach and makes you think- hey, this person drinks this stuff on the go, maybe I should start working out and drink some too!

Want to keep your product top of mind?  Keep your client at the top of yours.

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