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NANOShorts Entertainment is $10,000 Winner of PaintCare Video Contest

Mar 10, 2015 | by Accepted Protege | Press Releases

When Civilian set out to hire professional comedy sketch groups on YouTube for our client PaintCare, the innovative organization behind paint recycling programs in eight states, we had no idea we’d strike online gold. Civilian contracted three popular groups, NANOshorts Entertainment, SlapTv, and Recycled Babies to create videos about paint recycling to compete in an online contest for a $10,000 grand prize.

The two week contest was a huge success, and NANOshorts has been named the official grand prize winner. Their submission titled “Spring Cleaning,” is a comical video short that features an unsuspecting young man, named Rick, walking his garbage to the curb, which sets off a chain of “telephone-style” miscommunication among his neighbors.

As Rick nears the curb, his neighbor, Ned, notices what Rick is doing and asks if he is doing a little ‘Spring cleaning.’ Rick, referencing the box of old household paint cans atop the garbage can, replies that he is “throwing out some old paints.” Ned mishears paints for pants and yells to another neighbor standing by that Rick “has blown out his pants.”

Once the confusion and miscommunication are clarified that Rick didn’t blow out his pants, but that he is throwing out paint, the whole neighborhood starts yelling at Rick that he should recycle.

“We had three very different videos competing in this contest, and all of the YouTube teams did an impressive job featuring the PaintCare message through their own unique brand,” said Paul Fresina, Director of Communications at PaintCare.“ We are thrilled to award the grand prize to the team that clearly hit a home run with our target audiences.”

The humorous and farcical approach to the topic of paint recycling resonated well with audiences, giving NANOShorts a strong advantage for first place with over 4,000 votes. The runners up, SlapTv and Recycled Babies got 1,359 and 1,330 votes respectively.

“When we got the news that we won, WE JUST BLEW OUT OUR PANTS,” said Tyler Schnabel, Executive Director and lead actor. “Thanks to PaintCare for giving us this great opportunity and to everyone who voted for our video.  It feels incredibly rewarding to lend our humor to the important topic that is impacting our communities. We are proud that our video is now a tool in PaintCare’s toolbox that will continue to raise awareness about paint recycling.”

Watch the winning video right here:

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About PaintCare

Paint manufacturers created PaintCare, a non-profit stewardship organization to run recycling programs in states as they pass paint stewardship laws. Through PaintCare, the paint industry sets up drop-off locations for unused paint, arranges for recycling and proper disposal of the paint, and conducts outreach about proper paint management. For additional information, visit

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