I see London, I see France… but do I really want to see your underpants?

Aug 31, 2012  |  By Civilian  |  


The Japanese have a very different style of advertising than Americans.  They would definitely get an A+ in outside-the-box creative thinking.  The latest ad craze is ad-supported underwear.    I do not speak or read Japanese, not even a sukoshi (Japanese for a little bit),  but fortunately Gizmodo was able to help me out.

As far as I can tell, you simply fill out a questionnaire via website or smart phone, agree to proudly wear company logos on your derriere, and then wait for your free intimates to come in the mail.  I will do just about anything for a free t-shirt, so getting seven free pairs of undergarments every month would be like monthly Christmas for me, but I have to ask what the logic is.  What compels advertisers to believe that spending the money to stamp their logo on drawers across the nation is a wise and fruitful investment?  I’ve been to Japan, and while I did see a myriad of culture differences from the USA, I do not recall anyone walking through the streets pants-less.   Maybe it’s just an incredibly specifically targeted  form of direct mail and they hope to win that individual consumer for life via undie bribery.

Perhaps this trend will spark the latest and greatest ad fad and make its way to the states.  Perhaps this piece of clothing will henceforth be dubbed “mentionables.”

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