Extra! Extra! AdEase now AdTimes

Apr 1, 2010  |  By Civilian  |  

In a wildly spontaneous twist of fate, local rising star advertising agency AdEase has announced that it will leave the advertising business for good and set up shop as AdTimes. In its new role, AdTimes has committed itself to investigative reporting of the San Diego advertising industry.

A special weekly column, Paw Prints, will keep tabs on all agency Chief Companion Officers in celebrity fashion. AdTimes is now seeking “pawparazzi” photographers to capture the lives and daily walks of these beloved canines. For an interview, contact Diver Smith.

While the change from agency to publisher will be challenging for staff, AdTimes will retain its unique office culture and stay true to its core values of success, excellence, and innovation.

Whereas AdEase considered meeting client objectives the definition of success, AdTimes will focus on sparking change for the public good. Uncovering misspelling scandals and SEO blunders will replace targeted media and effective creative.

And Pulitzers will be the new measure of excellence.

Innovation starts with a proprietary no-touch ereader named the AdPad, to be released within six months. The AdPad interface uses eye tracking instead of outdated touchscreen technology.

Instead of an app store, the AdPad will feature ThoughtBank, which creates applications based on your thoughts and interactions with the device.

AdPad will retail for $598, or $98 with a five-year subscription to AdTimes.

Check back for more on this developing story…

Happy April Fools’ Day!

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