Dating in the Workplace

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In an advertising agency that is growing steadily, the difficult but rewarding process of hiring staff has been a major part of my job description. In addition to the basic job requirements, I’m looking for specific experiences, fit, and communication style. Culture and future goals are also top-of-mind when searching for that perfect person. As I rambled all this info to our Account Coordinator, she nodded knowingly and said, “Oh, so like dating.” She was kind of right.

Getting to Know You:  Behavioral interview questions (Tell me about how you handled that difficult relationship…), Throw-them-off-with-the-quirky-question (Microsoft’s famous “How many golf balls does it take to fill a 747?”) A romantic stroll (Mark Zuckerberg took prospective employees for a walk in the woods of Palo Alto), Facebook, LinkedIn – it’s all the same.

Second and Third Date: We are always so hopeful and optimistic after the first date! Sometimes it’s hard to stop yourself from blurting out, “I love you.” Don’t. Take the time to meet the target of your affection again. And again. Try out different situations. Maybe his or her idea of a perfect setup is this:


bubble desk1











Ours is this:





The Relationship: Always put your best foot forward, do what you say you’re going to do, communicate openly, take classes and ask for support when needed. Shine your light and over-deliver. If after all this, it turns out you weren’t the best fit, don’t text it in. Leave with style:

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