Comic-Con: Turning My Vacation Into a Professional Goal

Jul 31, 2019  |  By Arthur Ebuen  |  

Comic-Con is my scheduled summer vacation, every year. And every year I hear, “Are you going to dress up?” Interesting fact, only about 12% of attendees cosplay (dress up). And to answer that question, no, I don’t. Nothing against it but any attempt from me to make a costume would be a great disservice to the cosplay community.

But as much as it is vacation, these last few years it’s been work. I’m building a creative side of myself I haven’t explored, writing. As an Art Director I’ve written many headlines, subheads, commercial scripts, and narratives to help sell campaigns. Now I’m pursuing long-form writing. Specifically writing for comics, in hopes it turns into a TV show or a movie. Like The Walking Dead or Preacher.

While most equate Comic-Con with celebrities and frivolous spending on collectibles, I’m attending panels and networking. I’m working at learning to create characters, weave storylines, craft pitch documents, and all that comes with being a creative in the world of comics/pop culture. If you’re interested in how it’s going, my latest blog post goes into my struggles as a beginner.

I’m blessed to have co-workers who understand how much this time of year means to me for my creative growth. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to bask in what I call my Nerd Pride Parade…and to spend frivolously on collectibles.

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