AdEase AP Journal #4

Jul 11, 2014  |  By Accepted Protege  |  

I never actually pictured myself working in media or advertising. I have always pictured myself working with franchisees, specifically in international development. I have been fortunate enough to work with a number of companies throughout my college experience and found, unexpectedly, that I actually have a passion for working in media. Realizing that businesses revolve around media and the data that allows them to connect with their target audience intrigued me, especially since each business and each market is vastly different from another. The past five weeks have been nothing short of amazing working with the media team and the other AP’s here at AdEase.

Most of my previous agency experience was involved in campaign strategy and branding. The experience I have had in strategy has helped me get accustomed to the media buying and planning world I am quickly learning about in the TAP program. As I mentioned before, I always thought of myself as someone who would be developing restaurants internationally, so buying and planning media is a massive change. I couldn’t be more thankful to work with the qualified professionals that I have had the pleasure of learning from here, who want to help us AP’s get the best experience possible to thrive in the industry.

Working at AdEase has been completely different than any of my past internships and I am excited to see what else the next two months have in store working here. As of now, I can only imagine what more there is still to learn and I hope to develop the skills and assets necessary to succeed in the industry on the road ahead.


Brianna Blackwell

Media AP

Mood: Motivated

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