AdEase AP Journal #1

Jun 18, 2014  |  By Accepted Protege  |  

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Being an intern isn’t very fun. It usually runs hand in hand with confusion and a general sense of worthlessness. Whether your internship eventually evolves into a personal assistant role with specialties in coffee mixing and copy-pasting or into a paper filer position with advanced alphabetical skills, very few interns can honestly say that they find great value in their work. It pleases me to report that my position of Accepted Protégé in AdEase’s Talent Acceleration Program flies directly in the face of all these stereotypes.


From the very beginning, a strong emphasis was made that this was not a run of the mill internship involving a mish mash of the tasks stated above. This would be a real position, with real work, and real challenges. While some ads come under fire for misleading messages, AdEase’s statement has proven to be absolutely true.

In my short amount of time here I have already taken on a variety of tasks that required far more than any regular intern would be asked to do. Some of these tasks have included creating a video showing what myself and the 3 other AP’s intend to bring to the AdEase table, producing in-depth reports for clients analyzing the effectiveness of our ad campaigns across a variety of platforms, and even brainstorming and formulating completely new ideas for an upcoming ad campaign. Oh and I’ve also gotten back in touch with my athletic roots with some intense kickball and flag football games too. And I’ve only been here 2 weeks.

This is the type of work where I see value. This is the type of work that I can take pride in. But above all, this is the type of work that teaches me something new every day. Isn’t that what the concept of an internship is all about? Somewhere along the way, that idea was lost. AdEase is bringing it back with a vengeance and I’m honored to be a part of it. What will the next 10 weeks bring? I’ll happily report it to you once I find out for myself in the next entry of the AdEase AP Journal.


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Isaac Maltzer

Digital AP


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