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Voter Safety

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As COVID-19 created public safety concerns across the country, the 2020 election was certain to be like no other before. California, to follow social distancing guidelines and to help ensure the safety and well-being of voters, would be mailing all ballots, un-prompted, for the first time ever. Mail-in voting and early voting were being highly encouraged, and polling places had decreased. Overnight a normative behavior and process was being drastically changed and confusion, apprehension and frustration were sure to follow.

The challenge

Weeks before literature arrived in voters mailboxes, Civilian was contacted and hired by the San Diego Registrar of Voters to create a multifaceted, fully integrated media campaign to inform, educate and quell any negative sentiment or uncertainty that existed amongst our San Diego Community. As behavior change experts, we knew that an inclusive, easy-to-absorb message would be vital and we began work. Inclusive of a series of instructional videos in five languages and a highly targeted media campaign across video, radio, social, print, and digital channels designed to equitably reach San Diego’s diverse audience, Civilian proudly answered our civic call to duty and in doing so, we’d like to think we played a small part in helping enable and preserve the right to vote.

The result

– A total of 30 animated videos in (5) languages began airing less than one month after briefing.
– Our media plan delivered 90.3M impressions with 165 print insertions, 438 radio spots and 3.5M completed video views.
– And 88% of voters did so via mail.

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