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Raising Healthy Teens

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Mission Hospital, a ministry of Providence St. Joseph Health had a mission to reduce teen substance abuse in South Orange County. Now, we all know that being a parent of a teenager is no small feat. They worry about being liked, being popular, getting into college, boys, girls, you name it. That’s a ton of pressure. And while you want the best for your child, many times you just don’t have their ear. They’re more likely to listen to their peers than mom and dad. We wanted to change that.

The insight

Encourage parents to talk openly with their kids about the realities associated with alcohol and drug use. A positive and engaged parent, along with other caring adults, can have the greatest impact on our teens healthy development.

The result

Prior to the campaign, research had shown that as much as 72% of teens did not drink or use drugs. Since the campaign launch, that number has risen to 82%.


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