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Too Much To Tweet: Potlucks

November 3, 2017 | by Mariana Fernandes | Civilian Water Cooler, Too Much To Tweet, Uncategorized

Potlucks are the most delicious and effective tool for employee satisfaction.   From beginning to end, potlucks are a source of excitement and camaraderie. What better way to tell your co-workers you appreciate them than by putting together something delicious for them to try? On the day of, anticipation brews as people arrive with their…

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Too Much to Tweet: The Children

December 14, 2016 | by Mariana Fernandes | Civilian Water Cooler, Too Much To Tweet

Here at Civilian, summers are cherished for one reason and one reason alone: there are no “Children.” Allow me to explain. Right behind our office are great places where some of us like to go to grab a quick, inexpensive lunch. When we moved to our current location, we would stroll out of the office…

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